• We provide 4-5 Equity Stock Cash Delivery in a month which gives 8-12% Returns/Trading
  • Holding Period 15-60 Days.
  • We Provide Only 3 Open Position at a time.
  • Each Position Should be Taken for 25% of Investment.
  • 3 or 4 open positions will be there at a time.
  • When we give the 3rd Call of the month, by the time we will exit 1st call in profit.
  • Advised Capital is 1-2 Lakh & every Position should be taken only for 25%.
  • Only 4-5 Trades in a Month Will Turn your Capital Double in Few Months Trading
  • All Calls will be communicated through Fast Server SMS and Whatsapp Parallely
  • Stay Invested!!!
  • Sample : Buy Relinfra Cash Around 530 SL 515 Target 580 Duration 15-30 Days Holding


Pack Stock / Index Options
Half Yearly Rs.10000
Yearly Rs.15000

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